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A BSE Companies Training Opportunity

Learn the Science of Marketing Your Business on the Internet

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The landscape for your business in this day and age changes often. Get the answers to these following questions and much more!!

1. How can you harness the power of the Internet to go to work for you?

2. Since your world changes daily, you need to regularly update information in your website. It can be very expensive to make changes through a computer programmer and you may need to wait days or even weeks for a programmer to make changes to your website. Are there any easier alternatives?

3. What is the difference between a dynamic & static website?

4. What is the difference between a horizontally displayed PC or Mac website and a vertically displayed mobile device website for a cell phone or a tablet?

5. You spent money for a new website, but how is anyone going to find it? The Internet is so massive that you are just being lost in the shuffle! What is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and how can it work for you?

6. What kind of videos are available for you website? Which ones can you make changes to and which ones must be modified by a programmer?

7. Can an e-mail marketing campaign help your business?

The answers to these questions and many more will be covered in this course.

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You Will Also Learn

1. Learn the difference between a static and dynamic website and how this difference can affect you and your customers. Learn how a dynamic back door dashboard works inside of a dynamic website. See the tools in a dynamic back door dashboard that work similar to Microsoft Word where you can update text, change fonts, bold face, italics, and change color of text yourself. Learn how an embedded Google map can work in conjunction with your website.

2. Learn about Social networking on your website through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Learn about the different types of video that are available for websites and how each type can enhance your website.

4. Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Understand terms such as meta keywords, meta description, search engine spiders, xml site map, page impressions, etc. Understand what reciprocating link exchanges are and how they can help with your SEO strategy, and what ones can have adverse effects.

5. Learn how to monitor your SEO success or lack thereof. Search engines can't see pictures, but most successful homebuilder websites are image driven. So how do search engines know what pictures are being displayed by a homebuilder's website? Is this process important to SEO?

6. Learn the do's & don'ts about an e-mail marketing campaigns for your business.

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