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360° Panorama Movies

There are two types of panoramas, Cylinder Style - 360° horizontal and/or Spherical Style - 360° horizontal & vertical. BSEWebsites.com supports both types of panoramas.

Cylinder Style - 360° horizontal panoramas can be shot in the field by a photographer that places a camera on a vertically on a tripod and horizontal to the ground and then takes a picture. The photographer then turns the camera 60° to the right on the tripod and takes another picture & so-on for a total of 6 pictures or 360°. Those pictures can then be sent to Arlington Texas for stitching & then placement on their website.

Cost: $450 for a five pack or five individual shooting positions, i.e. foyer, living room, kitchen, etc. The builder supplies the photos and we do the rest.

Example: Mashburn Faires Home - McAlester
Example: Mashburn Faires Home - Frederick
Example: Mashburn Faires Home - Atoka

Spherical Style - 360° horizontal & vertical must be shot by a BSEWebsites.com photographer. These panoramas are like standing inside a ball. You can see the floor, ceiling, and 360° in a circle around you. They are way cool at full screen.

Cost: $700 for a five pack or five individual shooting positions, i.e. foyer, living room, kitchen, etc. and $100 per additional location over 5 locations. This price includes going on site & taking all of the photos. Next all of the photos are stitched and cleaned. Then the panoramas are installed in a player with background music & the link is installed to your website.

Example: Wayne Long Custom Homes
Example: Reds Roadhouse
Example: Jim Johnson Group Tuscany 1
Example: Jim Johnson Group Tuscany 2

All the videos are in one movie. Panoramas can include hotspots built into the movie to jump from one room to another. They may also include a radar function on your floor plan that will synchronize the camera movement with the floor plan. Please see a BSEWebsites.com representative for a quote on these extras.

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