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Mashburn Faires Homes
 What's a Dynamic Website?
Static - Most websites are simply billboards on the Internet. If a website owner wants a change on their website then they normally pay an hourly rate to a programmer to make this change.

Dynamic - A dynamic website on the other hand, is a website built with a password protected back door. You can change text, pictures, and PDF files yourselves. You can add neighborhoods, edit neighborhoods and even delete neighborhoods. There is even one module that will allow you to change a picture into a live movie. You can also control who you allow into this dynamic backdoor. Add users when needed and remove them when no longer needed. About 95% of the websites BSE builds are dynamic.
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 Why are We Different?
BSEWebsites.com builds websites that the website owner can update & maintain themselves. Gone are the days where you must wait days, weeks, or even months for a website developer to update text, pictures, or pdf's to your website. Also, gone are the days where a website owner must pay a large hourly rate to a website developer to make a few minutes worth of changes. Let us put you in charge of the future of your company's website!
 Video Offers
Bring your website to life with video! Take a visual tour of sample video offerings. Just click here: Showcase Video
  • Photo Videos - Still photos that are brought to life by panning around on the photo & zooming in and out. Transitions are added between photos and a video has been created. We next build a sound track the exact length of the video. There are 89 sound tracks at http://teambse.com/musicdemo/ for the builder to select music for their videos.
  • Flash Movies - Video, pictures, text flying around are all available with a Flash video built by BSEWebsite.com.
  • 360 Panoramas - Let BSEWebsites.com introduce you to the next generation of panoramas. Impress potential customers with a full screen 360 vertical & horizontal spherical panorama of your products.
  • Virtual Brochures - The Virtual Brochure allows potential clients to modify a basic elevation and/or floor plan to meet their specifications. They can "What If" optional rooms and additions, and print a brochure including their favorite selection or elevation. Your potential clients may start making buying decisions from the comfort of their own home!! The Virtual Brochure will generate and print an elevation and floor plan that the customer can hand carry to your office!

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