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Since the majority of our client base at BSEWebsites.com are home builders we were determined to build the best website available for a home building company. Over the years of working with home building companies we reasoned that since every home builder's product line was different then a website showcasing the different photo galleries of that home builder's product would make each builder standout unique and different from their competition. So we developed a full browser or full screen slide show that will highlight a home builder's completed product gallery.

Pictures speak louder than words, and this full screen, in your face photo gallery gets a potential clients attention in a hurry. The available tools to allow the potential client to navigate the graphic slide show keeps the potential client engaged through the entire pictorial. Then an on board navigational panel lets the potential client navigate to other more standard pages like "About Us", "Available Homes", "Contact Us", etc.

Since every home builder's product is different, and since all of the navigational panels are custom made for each individual home builder's website, then all of the websites have a different appearance and are total unique. This is definitely the next generation of websites for the home building industry!!

Adams - Woodin Custom Homes

All American Homes

Arlington Pavers

Arthur Schmidt Construction

Boggs & Whitecotton Custom Homes

Chateaux at Mon Abri

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