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Home Builder Tools

Here are just a few of the tools that BSEWebsites.com can offer to today's home builders. Some of these tools as well as other could apply to all types of businesses. Mashburn Faires Homes

  • Community Locator - This Google Map driven system allows visitors to view the builder's neighborhood in a map, satellite or hybrid mode (satellite mode with the streets drawn in). The potential customer can see a mountain of information about the neighborhood and the houses you are building in it. Search for schools, churches, daycare, pharmacies, banks, dry cleaners, etc. in the neighborhood. Use our Google Map system, the potential customer can search the system while inside your website!

  • Available Homes - There is a way to mark homes as available in the Community Locator module. Some builders want this information to stand out in addition to the Community Locator, or this page can be added in lieu of the Community Locator. Every Available Home has two parts, a description area & a photo area. Every Available Home also will print a customer a brochure.

    Avalon Custom Homes
  • Photo Gallery with Multiple Categories - Every home builder needs a photo gallery. A picture is worth a thousand words. Since your website is dynamic, we at BSEWebsites.com can not predict the size & shape of photos that you might upload. So this photo gallery must be smart enough to adjust the frame to the size of your pictures instead of the picture to the size of the frame. This way you get perfect quality every time. Also, you may want to add different Categories like Interior, Exterior, Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc. You are not limited on the number of photos that you may want to add to your gallery.

  • Building Process - Steps from A to Z on how to build a house. The home builder determines the number of steps they want in the building process to be displayed on their website. Every step consists of a picture & then a description of that part of the process. You can add or delete as many steps as you wish.

    MuirField Homes
  • Business Partners - Hyperlinks from your website to other websites. You may want links to NAHB, a local builders association, an energy company, warranty company, brick company, etc. When you click on any of these links, a new browser window appears. When the user is finished surfing this website from your website's link, the new window closes & the user is back to your website. In-other-words, they don't leave your website when they surf the links supplied by your website.

For prices on this BSEWebsites.com product, as well as, all other BSEWebsites.com products, please see the Website Guide on the left margin of the Home page. You may also want to call a BSE representative at 800.659.6410, or e-mail sales at sale@builders-software.com.

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